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Amethyst Crystals

Amethyst is found all over the world, including Brazil and Britain. It is renowned not only for its beauty but also for its calming and soothing properties. Amethyst is very good at reducing stress and fear, allowing a calm, decisive, clear state of mind. It is greatly beneficial to use when making decisions or to feel at peace during times of stress. Being surrounded by amethyst is known to induce a state of bliss, allowing oneself to meditate and soothe all physical ailments. Amethyst can work with the Crown Chakra and Third Eye Chakra.

Amethyst Magic wands

We always offer cheap prices on all our crystals because we believe crystal therapy should be available to everyone. This is why we sell cheap Amethyst Crystals along with larger pieces of amethyst. Even our large Amethyst crystals are some of cheapest crystals online.

Amethyst magic wands are great for healing and to open the third eye and the third eye chakra. The amethyst used in these crystals is a high vibration amethyst which radiates lots of positive energy to raise our vibrational field to a high level vibration. Crystal wands can be used for spiritual work including to connect with spirit guides and to do crystal work on healing the body

The typical magic wand in the movies is nothing like the beautiful crystal magic wands we sell made of amethyst. Our crystal magic wands for sale online are not drab and wooden, they are beautiful and radiant. They are full of crystal energy which is directed by the shape of the crystal wand out of the tip so they can channel the high vibration to any crystal or other purpose. 

Amethyst crystal wand

The Amethyst raw stone is carefully selected then carved by hand into the shape of a crystal wand. We only use the top grade AA Amethyst to make crystal wands which you can buy here from our UK supply.

We have large standing crystal wands to buy but we sell mostly the hand held size of Amethyst crystal wands as these are more affordable and practical for everyday crystal work.  To get the most benefits from the vibrations of the Amethyst’s crystal energy it is best to buy online a very large piece of natural amethyst, perhaps in a large crystal obelisk or even better; in the natural church amethyst geode formation which is also called a crystal cathedral and a crystal church. The crystal wand shape of amethyst has the benefit that it can direct the vibrations of the crystal energy, where as the natural crystal geode formation has the advantage that is has its most natural energy field as formed by a miracle of nature to create such beauty.

Amethyst crystal points

It is very useful to hold an amethyst crystal point when meditating. Amethyst is the most beautiful crystal point because of its lovely purple colours. Dream amethyst is our choice of Crystal point because of its amazing chevron patterns throughout the crystal point. For many years, amethyst has been my favourite crystal, ever since I saw a large free standing amethyst crystal tower for sale when I was a child.

This Amethyst crystal point appeared to be a natural formation and I have been dreaming of finding one like that ever since. I am yet to buy an amethyst crystal point either online or in a crystal shop that lives up to my overhyped memory of the crystal point i remember seeing so fondly in Europe as a child. If you want to upgrade from an amethyst tumblestone to a crystal that is bigger and more powerful, then a great crystal to buy next would be an amethyst crystal point.

Amethyst crystal Clusters

It is possible to find an amethyst crystal cluster formed in an ancient rock if you know where to look in nature - or just buy one from crystality! Brazil is a great source of amethyst crystal clusters as it has amazing rock formations where hot temperatures have naturally caused amethyst to form millions of years ago out of quartz crystals with purple inclusions which are what we know as amethyst crystal clusters.These can range in size from tiny little crystal clusters to huge caves covered in amethyst crystals all over forming a huge crystal geode, meters tall which can be walked into

. Even in cold countries like the UK amethyst crystal clusters can be found, especially in wilderness areas where there has been rock mining. To extract an Amethyst Crystal Cluster takes careful work not to break up the amethyst crystal into smaller pieces. This is why we love to sell large Amethyst Crystal Clusters online and Amethyst Crystal geodes because it is amazing to see such a large Amethyst Crystal Cluster still in one piece.

Natural Amethyst

The only Amethyst that exists is natural Amethyst, I have never heard of it being created although maybe it is possible. When Amethyst Naturally forms at the same time as Citrine therefore bonding together as Ametrine. This is only known to exist in one part of the world, in Bolivia so this natural Amethyst is known as Bolivianite as well as Ametrine. We have for sale some ametrine pieces with beautiful natural Amethyst throughout the natural citrine. These are raw pieces of natural Amethyst so they carry the highest vibration of crystal energy. This can be used for meditation as well as natural crystal reiki. The natural Amethyst we sell online has all been bathed in the sun to purify its energies so that it does not carry any unwanted vibrations when you have bought it. We want you to feel the most excitement possible when you receive the natural Amethyst crystal you buy from us so that is why we cleanse them all in the sun.

Amethyst Tumblestones

Most customers who buy cheap amethyst crystals from us intend to hold them so it is perfect to choose an Amethyst tumblestone because it is small enough to hold and it is so smooth, shiny and polished. It takes many days of tumbling the raw amethyst crystals before they become smooth enough to be tumblestones. The tumble process wears the amethyst down to a nice smooth, round size and gives it a lovely natural shine and glow to allow the natural crystal vibrations to radiate out though all sides of the Natural Amethyst tumblestone. We love the chevron Amethyst tumblestones, as they have amazing purple and white chevron patterns in their natural crystal formation. We do have a range of many other cheap crystal tumblestones for you to browse and to buy. However Amethyst is our favourite crystal tumblestone.

Amethyst Healing Crystals

To feel the healing vibrations emitted by amethyst is easy, their vibrations can be felt whenever you are near an Amethyst healing crystal. At crystality we have a large and cheap range of Amethyst healing crystals for you to buy in many natural forms including crystal points and natural crystal clusters. All of our amethyst crystals can be considered amethyst healing crystals as the vibrations of amethyst can be used no matter the shape of the amethyst crystal that you pick to buy. Many professional crystal healers come to us to buy their amethyst healing crystals because they know that when you buy from crystality you will receive a high quality, cleansed amethyst healing crystal for a competitive low price. To use Amethyst for crystal healing online is not hard.

All it takes is an open mind and a can do attitude, along with the amethyst healing crystal itself - of course. All you need to do is think of healing and focus your mind on the positive outcome not the ailment, while using the amethyst healing crystal to lift the ailment out of the body with your mind. After some practice we can all become crystal healers and use amethyst healing crystals to do crystal healing therapy on ourselves and others. Your journey in crystal healing can start today if you want to buy amethyst healing crystals from crystality or add them to your current crystal collection.

Cheap Amethyst Crystals

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