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golden quartz from bulgaria w25 £19

golden rutile in smoky quartz £31

golden rutile quartz sphere w34 £29

large elestial smoky amethyst w26 £15

green rainbow fluorite point £5

4x flower formations madagasgan amethyst £4 £3 £3 £3

chrysocolla heart £9

chrysocolla palmstone £10

himalayan quartz cluster w16 £13

aquamarine sphere £14

botryoidal chrysocolla formation £18

clear quartz cluster from peru w47 £37

red hematite quartz formation with a bit of golden rutile w 25 £10

spirit amethyst standing point £12

rhodochrosite £8

natural citrine cluster with an imperfect tip w 54 £35

garden quartz freeform £18

shattuckite polished freeform w25 £19

lavender amethyst point with black hematite dots w9 £6



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