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This amazing Red Hematoid Quartz freeform is full of glistening rainbows and has an amazing energy. This piece measures 8.9 cm tall, and 7cm x 5.5cm wide. This has been hand polished from Quartz found in Brazil. Red Hematite inclusions throughout crackels in the clear and white quartz give this a stunning red colour and a stron powerful crystal energy.


Red hematoid quartz has a strong earth energy which can help us tune in to the frequency of nature and feel the oneness between all life. This frequency of crystal energy is very grounding so it can bring a sense of confidence and reassurance, it is a good choice of crystal to carry in a pocket to also boost logical thinking and it is great for helping make choices. The grounding energy of hematite can encourage a sense of emotional balance, which can help to reduce highs and lows of extreme feelings.

Red Hematoid Quartz Standing Freeform


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