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fine minerals and crystals


Fine Minerals

Now in 2023 Crystality is a project just for fun, where I am trading only in fine mineral specimens that I really love. 

Crystality used to be a crystal shop from 2019-2022 selling all sorts of popular polished crystals and crystal clusters. selling mainly on instagram.


International Shipping:


from £24


from      £14


I can send your order anywhere, just contact me.

tourmaline specimen
White Feather


The crystals sold at Crystality are directly imported from all over the world to cut out the middleman. I only buy from small scale suppliers who know their supply chain and can personally vouch for the safety of the source of the crystals.

Many of the crystals are collected from small scale family run businesses who collect the raw crystals in safe, surface level digs, often on their own land.

Meet the team- it's just me, Sammie!

sammie in eden.png

hi everyone! I'm Sammie the creator of crystality.

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