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Live Sale

1. Choose your crystals in the live sale on instagram.
2. Check out your bundle on this website.
3. Receive your crystals in the post.

Special Discounts Live Sale
Friday the 25th of November

New Crystals Live Sale
Sunday the 27th of November
Special Specimens


Live Sale Information:

•When you have decided to buy a crystal in the live sale comment 'sold' along with the price or sticker code for that crystal. eg: 'sold 12c'

•By commenting sold, mine, or claim, you are committing to purchase that crystal, so only comment this when you are 100% ready to buy that crystal. 


• Feel free to ask to see other items or more info if you are unsure, I am happy to help you in the live sale to find your perfect crystals.

•If more than one person chooses the same crystal then whoever’s comment comes up first on my phone will be the buyer of that crystal - everyone’s phone shows the comments in a different order, usually your own comment will show first on your own screen.

• Be ready to purchase your bundle on this website following the live sale, stick to your budget and do not choose more crystals than you are ready to buy. Orders can not be held unpaid for a long time and anyone messing me around will be blocked.

•The live sale is a fun way to enjoy crystals and you don't need to buy anything to take part and enjoy looking at the crystals together with the community of crystal enthusiasts. 


•After the live sale your crystals will be added to as a bundle under your name where you can complete the purchase. 

•The website accepts all debit and credit cards, delivery options and the address are entered on the website

•Royal Mail or DHL options can be chosen at the checkout

•Worldwide delivery is available 

•UK delivery starts from £3.10 for up to 2kg of crystals


To make the sale fun for everyone please:


•Have a good time and enjoy the crystals.

•Only claim a crystal you are 100% buying.


•if someone asks to look at a certain crystal, whoever claims that crystal first will be the buyer, not necessarily the person who wanted to see it, sorry about that. Otherwise we may wait all day and the person who wanted to see it didn’t want to buy it after all.


•When you claim a crystal that is an agreement to buy that crystal, it is not a reservation.


•Please do not swap your crystals. This is a new policy because in the past too much swapping has made the live sale frustrating for other people who are watching and trying to buy.

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