Crystal Cleansing

Crystals pick up the vibrations emitted by our thoughts and intentions, then give off these vibrations. So it is important to cleanse the crystals from time to time to clear them from storing and radiating undesired vibrations. The smoke from sage and Palo Santo wood ionises the air, refreshing the frequency of the crystals vibrations so it is a great way to cleanse crystals and to also remove negativity from the home, body and soul. Known as Smudging, this has been used for thousands of years by many ancient cultures to ward off evil and protect ourselves.

Desert Sage and Palo Santo Smudge Set

Out of Stock

Palo Santo Wood Smudge Stick

Out of Stock

Desert Sage Smudge Stick 11-12cm


Small Abalone Shell

Out of Stock

Large Window Payne Oyster Shell


Smudging Feather


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