These Apatite points have a very tangible energy which is motivating and invigorating. Apatite enhances the energies of the third eye chakra and the throat chakra. This can help us to connect to higher dimensions as well as enhancing our spiritual perceptive abilities. Energising these chakras can also improve confidence, focus and communication. Apatite is a very soothing crystal, which can help to reduce irritability, confusion and anger.

Please pick the exact crystal you would like to recieve. The sizes of each crystal are:

1 - 4.6cm long 2cm wide £6.99

2 - 4.8cm long 2.4cm wide £6.99

3 - 4.9cm long 3.1cm wide £7.99

4 - 5cm long 2.8cm wide £8.99

5 - 5.3cm long 3cm wide £7.99

6 - 5.8cm long 2.5cm wide £9.95

7 - 6.3cm long 2.8cm wide £9.95

Apatite Crystal Points


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