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These crystals are hand carved and polished from high quality bright Apatite. They have a very glossy finish and have a beautiful irridecent glow.

The sizes of each crystal are:

1 - 6cm diameter 356 grams

2 - 5.1cm diameter 266 grams

3 - 6cm diameter 327 grams


Apatite is a great crystal to boost energy and motivation. It can help with accessing information from higher dimensions including from past lives as well as enhancing our spiritual perceptive abilities. Apatite enhances the energies of the third eye chakra and the throat chakra. This can improve confidence, focus and communication. Apatite can help to speed up the metabolism and suppress hunger. Apatite is a very soothing crystal, which can help to reduce irritability, confusion and anger.

Apatite Spheres


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