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large serpentine and stichtite freefrom £50

pink kunzite £10

green kunzite/hiddenite £10

blue chalcedony freeform £10

amethyst palmstone £5

rhodonite frreeform £10

labradorite plamstone £10

amazonite plamstone £6

red tangerine quartz cluster £5

yellow spiky quartz cluster £8

larimar £7

strawberry quartz heart £10

green fluorite cluster £10

white and orangey pink long spike quartz cluster £10

white and yellow spiky quartz cluster £7

green and pink tourmaline on feldspar £8

black tourmaline £5

lepidolite and pink tourmaline point £5

clear quartz dt point £4

pink orthoclase point £4

pink toumaline point £4

apatite point £8

2x amazonite points with tiger stripes of smoky quartz £6 each

cool chick


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