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These crystal points have been hand carved and polished to a very high quality finish from howlite stone.

Howlite has a soft soothing energy which can be used to help fall asleep - furthermore, when the crystal is near you overnight, it can also help to recall dreams the next day and to better understand the meaning behind dreams. Howlite can also help us to formulate our ambitions and to increase our patience and empathy towards others.

The sizes of each howlite point are:

1 - 8cm long 2.6cm wide

2 -7.5cm long 2cm wide

3 - 9.5cm long 2.4cm wide 

4 - 8.2cm long 2.4cm wide

5 - 7cm long 2.2cm wide

6 - 8.9cm long 2.7cm wide

7 - 8.1cm long 2.2cm wide

8 - 8.7cm long 2.2cm wide

Howlite Crystal Points


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