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These crystal points have been hand carved and polished to a very high quality finish from natural Lapis Lazuli stone which is a very prised mineral. The sizes of these lapis lazuli points are:

1 - 5cm long and 2.1cm wide

2 - 4.8cm long 2cm wide

3 - 6cm long, 2.4cm wide

4 - 6.2 cm long 2.5cm wide

5 - 6.5cm long, 3.2cm wide

6 - 8cm long 2.4cm wide

7 - 8.8cm long wide

Lapis Lazuli has long been collected by many civilisations due to its vibrant bright blue colour and glistening pyrite inclusions. It has widely been seen as a talisman representing royalty honour and wisdom. Lapis Lazuli enhances the energies of the third eye chakra and it can be used to help improve spiritual intution.

Lapis Lazuli Crystal Point


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