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This beautiful flame is carved from very high grade lepidolite in rubellite which is included inside white quartz and clear quartz. The rubellite has a beutiful deep pink-purple colour and the lepidolite has a great sparkle. This is the exact flame you will recieve, this crystal measures 9.7cm tall and 5.4cm wide.


Lepidolite has a gentle, feminine vibration. It can attract positive coincidences and synchronicity. Lepidolite is a very good calming crystal which can relieve stress and anxiety. Lepidolite can also help us to fall asleep and have more vivid and meaningful dreams.

Pink tourmaline (rubellite) is full of positive vibrations, which are soft, soothing, and feminine. The energy of pink tourmaline encourages kindness and tolerance. It is a very uplifting crystal, which can increase motivation and relieve stress. The heart chakra can be energised and unblocked with pink tourmaline which can help us to have happy relationships, attract love, and better connect to other people. This also can be used to help the healing of any heart related ailments. 


Lepidolite Flame (with rubellite, white quartz and clear quartz)


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