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This beautiful Malachite point from Congo has detailed swirling patterns of malachite with some sparkling bubbly formations visible in the point. There is a small dent and some rough parts arount the bottom so the price has been discounted. This beautiful point measures 6.5 cm tall and 2.7cm wide. Malachite is a very valuable stone which has been used in precious jewellery forthousands of years. Malachite is the most powerful stone to draw out pain and can be very useful for pain relief when held near the troubled areas.


*Myths about Malachite* There have been claims that malachite is toxic. this is a myth. In a polished form malachite is totally harmless to touch and hold, and can be very beneficial. However it is not advisable to drink water that contains malachite fibres. The rumour that malachite is toxic seems to be based upon the idea that malachite contains copper, and in extremely high dodes copper can lead to poisining. This is irellevant to a polished malachite stone because the copper is crystallised inside the malachite and has no way to enter the human body. 


There is a widespread rumour that malahite is not safe in water. This is only partly true. Polished malachite can be safely rinsed in water, I have done so many times with no damge to the malachite. However the raw forms of malachite which are silky and fibrous can sometimes be very flakey and can be partly dissolved if they were in water for a long time, though they should survive a quick dip.



*How to spot a fake vs real malachite thrugh photos*: sometimes resin is sold as malachite in markets and online, It is easy to tell the difference real life, but also in photos: real malchite has many different colour shades of green in layers, where as fake resin malachite will have only 2-4 different colours of resins layered together. Real Malachite will have very detailed and intricate patterns where as fake resin malachite will have basic stripe shapes achieved by pouring resin. Only real malachite will have visible areas of botryoidal (bubble) shapes on a raw surface.

Malachite Point

£59.00 Regular Price
£37.00Sale Price

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