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These beautiful Crystal Points are a natural comination of Citrine and Clear Quartz, from Brazil. some of these points have great clarity while the bases have lovely inclusions and crackles. in Geological terms Citrine is the mineral name for any variety of Quartz with a yellow colour, although natural varieties of citrine are often calley lemon quartz. Citrine connects to the Sacral Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra. Citrine has a very uplifting and motivating energy, it can attract prosperity and abundance. Citrine enhances the flow of energy and thoughts which can further encourage sucess and motivation. Citrine is very powerful for protecting against negative energy and to repel anger. It is often used for manifesting as it can absorb the vibrations of your intentions and continue to emit these virbarions helping to continue the manifestation.

Citrine Crystal Points


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