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These pink tourmaline and lepidolite points contain a variety of minerals (white quartz pink tourmaline, and lepidolite) which have many lovely appearances across different crystals. Please select from the options: mostly lepidolite, lots of lepidolite and lots of pink tourmaline, lots of pink tourmaline on white quartz, and mostly white quartz with some pink tourmaline.  Pink tourmaline has a soft, soothing, and feminine energy. The energy of pink tourmaline encourages kindness and tolerance. It is a very uplifting crystal, which can increase motivation and relieve stress. The heart chakra can be energised and unblocked with pink tourmaline which can help us to have happy relationships, attract love, and better connect to other people. This also can be used to help the healing of any heart related ailments.

Pink Tourmaline Crystal Points


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