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Amethyst Healing Properties and Crystal Meaning - What is Amethyst?

Amethyst is undoubtedly one of the most famous and well loved crystals for its beauty and colour. It also has very powerful calming and soothing properties.

As you may well know - all matter vibrates. But the basic structure of crystals means they vibrate at a frequency that is on the same wavelength as the human consciousness.

Each crystal has a unique vibration and purpose. Amethyst emits very strong vibrations at a frequency which can influence the human spirit to feel at peace, relaxed, content and soothed. This effect means amethyst crystals are very effective for crystal healing and can help a wide range of health issues including relief from cancers, migraines, digestive problems and hormonal imbalance.

When Amethyst is carved into a crystal point this focuses and channels the vibrational energy of the amethyst crystal out of the tip so it can be directed wherever is desired.

Amethyst Meaning

According to many metaphysical researchers, the meaning of amethyst is sobriety or a clear mind. Even the name Amethyst originates from the Greek 'not intoxicated'. The use of Amethyst as a healing crystal dates back millennia. As Amethyst naturally occurs in places all over the world many Ancient cultures have used Amethyst for Healing and for Jewellery.

Amethyst Crystal Uses

The ancient Egyptians wore jewellery for the sole purpose of protection. Amethyst is often used as a protective crystal which can ward off psychic attacks and help dispel negative thoughts. Therefore wearing an amethyst pendant around the neck or in any form of amethyst jewellery can be very effective to benefit from amethyst's protection and Amethyst's Healing properties.

Amethyst Formation

Amethyst is a variety of Quartz crystal with minerals causing the purple pigment. It has the chemical formula Si O 2

Amethyst crystals can form either in a crystal cluster with many crystal points or also in a large crystal rock. Lots of the Natural Amethyst found in Brazil and Uruguay formed 150 million years ago in hot volcanoes where the magma cooled and formed air bubbles. Where this bubble trapped air and water, this came under great pressure and over a long formed crystal points all over the sides of the bubble. This is why Amethyst clusters can range in size from tiny to huge caves which can be walked into - according to the size of the bubble in the original magma. In some areas of the world Amethyst clusters are found, formed in cavities of non volcanic rocks. When These rocks formed under great pressure and heat by the energy of the earth, the elements silicone and oxygen were pressurised together forming the amethyst crystal. It is this energy of the earth that resonates from all naturally formed crystals. They are a miraculous creation of the power of mother earth and hold the life force of the earth within their crystal structure. Many people prefer the natural Amethyst clusters over carved amethyst shapes for their higher vibrational energy as they are still in the natural form as created by the earth.

Amethyst Healing Crystals

The vibrations emitted by amethyst resonate at a frequency which connects to the human energy field with a vibrational message to heal. Just as wifi fields carry data which can transmit any internet information to a device within the wifi zone - the human psyche also exists as a vibrational field. Anything entering the field around the human's physical form will carry vibrational data which interacts with our soul's vibration. The vibrations of amethyst are - in this context, a vibrational message to heal and rectify the human body to full function. Therefore amethyst can be used to heal any ailment. This will only work if the person allows themselves to feel the connection to the healing crystals and engage their vibrational energy with that of the crystal.

Amethyst and the third Eye

When connecting to our higher self and practising psychic exploration, Amethyst Crystals can allow us to raise our vibration to a frequency in tune with the amethyst crystal frequency which will enable us enter the right state of consciousness to use our psychic abilities. This takes time and practice, with the use of Amethyst this is made available to all, even those of us who dismiss psychic phenomena have the potential to reach this level if we put our minds to it. Hence this can be referred to as unlocking the third eye. The energy field of the third eye chakra can be enhanced by resonating with the vibration of the amethyst crystal. This can have many benefits for our everyday mental wellbeing as well as exploring our higher self.

Amethyst and the Crown Chakra

Every colour seen by the eye has its own wavelength, this is the frequency of the vibration of the light beam. The frequency of the vibration of purple light corresponds to the same frequency as the crown chakra's vibration frequency. This is why purple is used to represent the crown chakra, as the colour is just how our eye interprets the vibration, so if the crown chakra emitted visible light it would be seen as purple. If we focus our intention onto resonating with the frequency of Amethyst, since it is purple, this will enhance our energetic vibrations at the frequency of purple - the frequency of our crown chakra. Therefore engaging and enhancing our human vibration energy aligning to the flow of energy from the crown chakra. This has great benefits to use the full potential of our mind and consciousness which will give us greater thinking abilities, greater focus and brain power. It will engage our intuition and allow us to harness our full intellectual potential.

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