Chakra Crystals

The ancient system of Chakras originates from India, Chakra means “wheel” or “circle” in Sanksrit. This refers to the spinning fields of energy that make up our human aura. When these Crystals can interact with these energy fields to balance and enhance our energy, helping us to regain balance and harmony of our spirit and physical wellness. Here we have outlined which crystals can work with the main seven Chakras.

Crown Chakra

Bring peace, joy and contentment to your life with a balanced Crown Chakra. This is the only Chakra outside the physical body just above the top of our heads, it is often associated with the colour purple or clear.

Third Eye Chakra

When fully aligned and energetic, the Third Eye Chakra allows us to be fully mindful seeing in all glory the inner and outer worlds. The Third Eye Chakra is located in the centre of the head, it synchronises the left and right brain, unleashing the creativity of the left and the analytical mind of the right. Indigo coloured Crystals including Amethyst, Lapis Lazuali and many others we offer, can allow us to fully realise the potential of this Chakra.